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Construction Progress




The works to the structural phase to the Himalai project since starting has progressed incredibly well when taking in the amount of rock found to the site the works have been constant and very well co-ordinated not only by the the contractor and there Construction team which a very well known and a mature company in the building industry in Thailand but credit is also due to the performance of the professionalism of the project management team working hand in hand with the Blue Horizon engineers on a permanent basis on site and this has formed into a great partnership which is what could be said why the works have and are progressing so well The excavation to the footings is being done in 3 phases and each of these phases has zones which the the footings and the column stumps are being built. The works begun at the higher elevation to where the units are being built with the Water tank and aquarium above these zones which will be part of the oncoming works and at present we are over 40% completed with the footings for the complete project The areas which the excavation works, footings and starter columns have been completed are as follows and can been seen in one of the photos below are 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,J1,J2,L1,N1 and P1 With these zones now completed the next phase is ongoing with the clearing of the large amount of rock found when clearing the site just below soil level which has been approximately over 3,000M3 of granite so far in which has progressed very well and is not far from completion to all zones of where the units are being built this is due to the amount of excavators with rock breakers being used and fleet of lorries being loaded with the broken rock and hauled of from site which has been non stop


The whole of the project area has now been cleared from trees and foliage. The contours of land are clear, and another thing which is also clear is the amazing views that can be seen not only of the beauty of Kamala bay but also the lush greenery of the hillsides of kamala, Surin and Bangtao. The next step for the construction is to start the marking and setting out for the electrical works, mains, waste water system and communication. The survey teams will be also setting out the project so the existing soil can be cut and filled to suit the contours required for the process for the footings and foundations for the super structure, which form the structural works. It is the first process of the construction phase.


The road construction and cleaning to the road for the stage has now been completed the works have been under difficult circumstances as we have had a long season of constant rain in which the building contractor has endured well we are looking forward to the next construction stages of foundation which will be in the near future as we are well into the preparation works to get stated and hope by the rains have finally given way to sunshine

Works Progress Report Himalai Project for September 2016

The footings are complete with steel fixing and concrete poured, as well as the lower tie beams and the columns are complete from footing up to road slab level where the main contractor is working on the steel fixing for the beams and next stage being the form works then once the beams and the steel fixing is complete the final concrete pour will commence and will are expected works to be complete in a next few weeks as we only need a few good days of weather to complete. The weather in Phuket has been horrendous and now even more so, which has caused a delay in the completion of the infrastructure but give credit where credit is due, the main contractors has struggled through it and we are nearly there as they have also been working late at night weather permitting to try get the works done.

Works Progress Report Himalai Project August 2016

The works at Himalai we are pleased to announce are near completion for the road construction. The weather is now in monsoon season but with the main contractors working overt time and well into the evenings have managed to virtually to keep on schedule. With all going well the road works to be completed with works for the road wall barrier remaining to complete There has also been some extra works carried out such as road gutters added to road to take the rain discharge off the roads especially for this time of year the water be piped and will then run into the main public storm drains. There have also been rain water run offs to redirect the water from footing pads of the structural support for the road.